VOGT PRODUCTIONS Inc., formerly Peter Vogt & Associates, Inc., is an independent producer of documentaries, public-relations and educational films, as well as political and issue campaign and other broadcast media.

Based in Washington, D.C. since 1975, the company is owned and managed by Peter S. Vogt who, as producer/director, works in collaboration with carefully selected technical and creative associates, according to the particular requirements of each project.

Programs created by VOGT PRODUCTIONS, Inc. have been distinguished by consistent respect for their human significance and the highest levels of creative and technical achievement. Productions embrace wide subject variety, creative approach and audience profile.

The company's work has been honored by many awards and has received repeated critical and audience acclaim. The company's reputation is based on the quality of its work and its clients.

Each project receives a continuity of direct responsibility by Mr. Vogt for the development and control of the production from the most preliminary moments of discussion through each creative and technical step involved in making a distinguished motion picture or television program.

-- Articles and Information about VOGT PRODUCTIONS --
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